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About this Short Story

Written by
Jenny Love

Narrated by
Lucy Aitken

How Sam half-disappeared.

  • 1242 Words
  • 80% Community Rating

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'Lardy-McHardy, Lardy McHardy.'

The walk home from school was always filled with their taunting faces. They danced around me singing that awful name. I'd get home, my clothes torn from the pulling and the groping. I'd fix on my Good Sammi smile. Good Sammi doesn't cry or get upset. Mum loves Good Sammi, and when I'm good she gives me a treat. The ice-cream soothes my embarrassment about my size. Its coolness calms the red blush in my cheeks. Bad Sammi plots how to get revenge one day. Bad Sammi dreams of sitting on those girls until their faces turn blue.

At night I'd dream of boys and men who might change my name. Simon le Bon was out as he only married skinny models but maybe George Michael would want me? It would be years before I'd realise why you never saw him with a stick insect draped around his arm. Bad Sammi reminded me that puppy fat made me a…

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Sandra Ireland Guest Editor said "The characterisation in Jenny’s story was superb. Right from the start, the heroine was easy to identify with and you really cared what happened to her. I thought the ‘Good Sammi’ and ‘Bad Sammi’ tags were a clever way of showing the mental torment the character was going through. There is an honesty and believability about Jenny’s storytelling which connects with the reader. Although the story is told in the first person, the author’s voice never intrudes and this allows the reader to make their own mind up about what happens to Sammi."
6 years ago

Hannah Burke said "I love it! I could sort of feel like I was Jenny, which made all the difference. The 'Good Sammi' and 'Bad Sammi' was a good way of showing how the character was working through things. I also liked the way that I could work things out and how I got to think of ways to continue Sammi's story."
4 years ago
Sandy Wardrope said "Hi Jenny, Just bumped into your story loved it. Coming up with the 'two' characters and the way you portrayed them was inspired, a great way to tell a tale from both sides as it were. All in all it was a good story on a difficult subject, well written and above all believable. Well done. Yours, Sandy W."
5 years ago
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Bill Duthie said "Makes you wonder how many people feel this way in earnest, good theme Bill Duthie"
6 years ago
Ann Smith said "This is a heart wrenching story. A roller coaster of emotion, well written and sad. But compulsive reading."
6 years ago
Donna Hermkens said "Thank-you very much for your story that I found well written, enjoyable reading, and all round a good effort."
6 years ago
Liz Strachan said "This is a sad story and it doesn't have a happy ending. In spite of the enormous weight loss, Sammi has not won her battle. At the end, she is really being bullied all over again. Before anyone can love her, she has to learn to love herself. The story is very well written and the character of Sammi is well depicted. However, it is too real for comfort and although I appreciate Jenny's writing skill, it is not the sort of story I enjoy reading. Liz Strachan"
6 years ago
Peter Parkin said "This story should be required reading for so many - me included. It's got that gritty edge of honesty that cuts straight to the heart of the subject. Quite short and to the point but with all the necessary constituents to make it readable. Now, where's that biscuit barrel?"
6 years ago
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Kate Smart Guest Editor said "I really liked this story - loved the ending. Great choice - thanks."
6 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "Great choice for the Friday Story but it seems that the author isn't here very often these days. What a shame as this seems to me to be great writing. Mind you maybe she is too busy with her university course and so I just wish her all the very best for the future. - Diane"
6 years ago
Laila Murphy said "This was a really good story which I read quickly, right through to the end, which I don't often do. Well done."
6 years ago
Rosemary Gemmell said "Really enjoyed this poignant and thought-provoking story. Good ending."
6 years ago
Gavin Dobson Guest Editor said "The writer has put herself into the character very well. She's not a particularly sympathetic character, but as the story develops one feels sorry for her and wants her to win. Well-written: she held my attention throughout."
6 years ago
Alasdair Peoples said "witty piece, good job - you've probably forgotten all about it now having penned it 3 years ago..."
6 years ago
Sandra Nicholson said "Great story-so sad. Think it was a clever ending and avoided the usual trap of making you think that losing weight and finding a man to share you bed wit is the solution to all . Really enjoyed it"
6 years ago
Adam West Guest Editor said "Innovative angle for the the internal dialogue elevated this above the norm - great story - many thanks, Adam"
6 years ago
Juliet Platt said "Very well done - engaging and moving. Made me reflect on real life people in this predicament."
6 years ago
Shane Dobbie said "Excellent piece Jenny. I must admit a tendency to skim over the weekly stories but this one really engaged me from the off. Really feel for the character and her predicament."
6 years ago
David Sharp said "A wonderful tale. A real neat trick to be able to make the reader sympathise so well with a person in real life they might well turn their nose up at! Also - just an observation, not a criticism - in a very similar vein to "Lilo is A Fat Cow", also on Shortbread."
7 years ago
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Jane Townsley said "good story - very deep, you really got inside the character and showed her feelings. I loved it, and the character is so loveable too. excellent!"
8 years ago
Susan Donim said "Nicely Written - You subtly handle a difficult subject with ease. I really liked the interjection of the two opposing persona's who each control her at different points. And I felt the bitter-sweet 'happy' ending was perfect for this type of tale. "
9 years ago
Mags Campbell said "Really good - A very honest portrayal and a good point to make about the person that's inside being so different from the person everyone else sees on the outside."
9 years ago

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