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Written by
Rachel Willis

This is for Aileen Wuornos.

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Make sure you always sit to the side, with deportment, like this.

Don't go out dressed like a whore, make sure you don't drink(too much),

smoke, stay out too late or pay an innordinate amount of attention to the opposite sex(unless it is done with-in the confines of the safety of the group.)

Don't have male or unsuitable friends.

Dont wear red (especially lipstick as it gives of the wrong impression) unless sparingly.

Never accept a drink from a stranger, but you can try to get their eye and their number.

Don't be selfish, lazy, surly, over-weight or unattractive.

Be feminine but not sweet and sickly, and smile but never too much.

Don't over-ride anyone, know your limits.

Always put everone else first and never yourself.

Love cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing.

Don't have an opinion, let other people who 'know best'.

Always deride people who aren't any of the above.

And don't forget to 'clean up the streets'

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