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Written by
Suzanne Mays

A woman solves a mystery with many questions.

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Margaret Miller was the only person I knew who disappeared. For awhile our sons played chess together in high school. Most of the other parents were into chess but Margaret and I went to support. “It’s too complicated for me.” she said and I agreed. The knights moved this way, the pawns moved that way, and you had to think moves ahead.

Saturday mornings they held the district matches and while the other parents sat engrossed on the sidelines, Margaret and I went for coffee. Even in old jeans and without makeup she was pretty. Her hair waved out and her eyes were turquoise blue. But she didn’t flaunt it - just the opposite. Sometimes, I’d think if she fixed herself up she’d be a movie star.

One day she sipped her coffee and said, “You have a nice life, Sissy.”

I laughed, frumpy me with the four kids and Predictable Ed. We were…

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Devi Nair said "An amazing game of Chess, this one. The intrigue, suspense, story line - brilliant!! Sometimes, all the nuances need not be explained. In this story, even though the story of Mr. and Mrs. Miller was not explained, there was enough between the lines to create a make-belief backup story in the mind so the story does not feel incomplete. Truly enjoyed this one. Kudos!!"
3 weeks ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor replied saying "Thank you, Devi. Glad you liked it. I'm not a chess player myself, my sons play. It's frustrating to know they're way ahead of me. I love mysteries but can never figure them out. So glad you've joined Shortbread. All the best, Suzanne"
3 weeks ago
Dennis STONER said "Really enjoyed all the moves and counter moves in your story , Suzanne, just like a real game of human chess it absorbed me! Best wishes Dennis"
1 year ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor replied saying "Thank you, Dennis. My sons played chess in school and they could see moves ahead and it drove me crazy. Anyway thanks for reading and all the best. Suzanne"
1 year ago
Keith Snell said "Great story. Felt it would have benefitted from a little more of Margaret's home life or character to give us an insight into why she legged it. As I saw the last paragraph approaching I had concern that there wasn't going to be a resolution, but it was perfect. Cheers Keith."
2 years ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor replied saying "Thank you, Keith, for reading and commenting. It's over two years since I've been able to submit to Shortbread because of a software glitch, and its fun to be back. All the best, Suzanne"
2 years ago
Daniel Mays said "Liked this story! Good weave of writing that keep me reading. You should post more of your stories, please. Thanks, Daniel"
2 years ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor replied saying "Thank you, Daniel. I'm glad you liked it. For the past two years my computer software wasn't compatible with sending stories to Shortbread and its fun to be back. All the best in writing, Suzanne"
2 years ago

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