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About this Short Story

Written by
Desmond Kelly

A story about my aunt Carol. I've written about her elsewhere on this site, but this is altogether different.

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The boys shuffled sheepishly into our small kitchen where we’d inspect them like drill sergeants. They’d swing their arms, wafting the mixed blends of Brylcream, acne lotion and a potent desperation around the room.

Carol kept them waiting; she was never ready, and they should have learned to stand outside the gate. Gran asked questions and they grunted their responses.

Afterwards I’d ask why their hair was so shiny.

Gran would smile. “It’s grease.”

It was the early sixties. The boys were called greasers, riding motorbikes and hanging about in unruly gangs, grinning stupidly and smoking cigarettes.

Mum said they caused trouble after dark, kept the police busy and smashed windows.

The one’s we met coming to collect Carol appeared far too innocent to be accused of wrong doing. The baby faced boys were the worst, Gran insisted. If we asked Carol which of them she liked, she’d laugh. “I like them all. But I won’t decide.”


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Keith Snell said "Well, another depressing episode in life's rich tapestry Desmond. As always beautifully written with totally believable characters and a great sense of the family relationships. Cheers, Keith."
2 years ago

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