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About this Short Story

Written by
Maria Burén

My brother and I created a semi-competition, although not really competitive, to write a story about a random subject. We chose the subject out of a dictionary at random. The subject was “Cancellation”. This story is MY story about “Cancellation”. Translation by Tobias Haglund

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The creator of the Universe on the times’ middle dimension sat on a sky colored blue cloud in a yellow-orange feathered dress with painted nails and was in boredom contemplating what she could do. She felt uncustomary blasé in her 8 273 476thyear. She had previously ordered a strawberry milkshake and it still hadn’t arrived.

She had already steered a couple of galaxies towards black holes, put out a sun and exploded another. She laughed when she did it, but it was already four minutes ago. It felt as though this particular dimension was doomed, especially since she released the demons. Maybe it was time to visit someplace else. With those thoughts in her mind, she took off to her good brother Lateus.

Lateus was more pious than his erratic sister Lexiara. She had already accidentally killed a brother and two sisters before. So when she stepped down into theGardenofLightafter a thousand years…

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Nik Eveleigh Guest Editor said "If someone had printed this out and given it to me to read with no idea of who had written it I think I would have guessed this was yours Maria - you've got great imagination and your own distinctive style which I really enjoy. I don't even like strawberry milkshakes yet I now want one - weird! Good work. Cheers, Nik"
4 years ago
Maria Burén replied saying "Thanks Nik, I'm very glad that you think so. I'm looking foward to this latest challange, it's fun that you are one of the participants, it shall be very interesting to read them. All the best, Maria"
4 years ago
Adam West Guest Editor said "I reckon Tobias has the edge, Maria, if only because his concept was simpler and that suits someone like me - nevertheless I enjoyed then many-layered dimensions of skulduggery in your wildly imaginative offering- many thanks, Adam"
4 years ago
Maria Burén replied saying "Hi Adam, thanks for reading and comment, I also liked Tobias story very much, I got surprised, and I do love to get suprised, but only by reading. Maybe I will try to write something closer to reality, without dragons and monster some day. All the best, Maria"
4 years ago
Anthony Wobbe said "This is a very busy story Ms. Maria, lot's of good ideas and lots of avenues to possibly explore further. Great fun and a great idea with the dictionary. Thanks for sharing."
4 years ago
Maria Burén replied saying "Thanks Anthony, for reading and for the comment. All the best, Maria"
4 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said ""He didn’t really understand the idea of having them running around there every millionth year. It was starting to get repetitive. What one can make, one can also unmake, he thought merrily for himself." Just one of many many wonderful ideas/statements/thoughts in this. They are a fractious family to be sure and it seems the breeding continues. Great imagery and a wonderful flight of imagination - and dragons and for heaven's sake Strawberry Milkshakes - I haven't had a strawberry milkshake for such a long time - Now see what you did - I suppose having one is better than destroying a couple of galaxies!!! Super stuff - thanks - Diane"
4 years ago
Maria Burén replied saying "Thanks Diane, for your comment and the very nice words! It makes me glad that you now is going for the strawberry milkshake, it taste very good sometimes. Super thanks, hope you get a wonderful day. Best regards Maria"
4 years ago
Hugh Cron said "Hi Maria, there is no escaping your imagination. I wonder what you feed it on, blue cheese and rainbow sherbet with a can of Dragon Soup no doubt! Milkshakes and demons and universes, those are three things that won't have been put together too many times. Interesting, different and enjoyable. All the very best. Hugh"
4 years ago
Maria Burén replied saying "Hi Hugh, thanks! I feed on life it self, but some of it is food, tasty food. The milkshake could maybe be changed to something more suitable for the story, but it feelt right when I wrote it. All the very best, Maria"
4 years ago
Tobias Haglund said "You have created a very interesting world/universe! Once again a haunting story filled with a dark sense of humor. I always enjoy your stories! Great job! Love /Your brother"
4 years ago
Maria Burén replied saying "Thanks for the nice words, and that you think a have humor, I don't see it me self, but it makes me glad that you think so :) And thanks ones more for all help! Love /Your Sis"
4 years ago

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