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Written by
Barry Robertson

True story of childhood memory

  • 564 Words
  • 84% Community Rating

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It happened in my childhood nearly sixty years ago, but I still remember the happening as if it were yesterday. I still have dreams about it….

I’m in my primary school class. The teacher, Miss Harper, is stout and short built, knowledgeable, and makes the lessons interesting, but a strict disciplinarian. Erring pupils are summoned out and like a public execution. The class must watch while she steps up on the dais in front of the blackboard, telling the child to hold out a hand. When her strap descends with a pistol’s crack, the victim winces and puts the hand under an armpit. There are set numbers of strokes for each offence – two for talking, three for being late, four for not bringing the weekly home examination jotter back the next day for marking.

Last week it was mathematics, we copied the sums from the blackboard. ‘Remember to bring it back tomorrow,’ she reminded us, as we left when the bell…

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Adam West Guest Editor said "I enjoyed the pared back style in which this was written - I was very much with your character, imagining the scene, feeling his distress, wondering if he would confess (I had a similar experience to this when I was about 8) - which is very difficult to achieve in such a short piece...many thanks Adam"
7 years ago

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