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About this Short Story

Written by
Kamran Saeed

A satirical view of human relations.

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Dark clouds hung oppressively low, adding a somber grey to the pale hue of autumn evening. A funeral procession marched quietly down the trail, with rows after rows of tombstones on both sides, withered grass rustling under the mourners’ feet with a moribundwhisper. The air humming with holy verses, carrying whiffs of camphor rising from the corpse, as the mourners moved back and forth in rotation around the bier to give a reverent shoulder to the deceased. The sons and grandsons of the dead man were ahead of everyone in this service.

“Death is not something to be dreaded of.” I heard the whispering as I held the bier just under the dead man’s head. “Rather it is something to have a romance with. It is beautiful, kind and benevolent as it relieves us from all the pain and sufferings of life.”

He was my tenant for the last five years, living in…

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Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "Thank you for your story. There were such clear pictures I felt I was there. Stories are great connectors and I connected with this one. All the best in writing, Suzanne"
2 years ago

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