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About this Short Story

Written by
Cate Caruth

Originally written for another Abbie, the daughter of my friend, who was becoming a bookworm. Abbie loves rabbits and wanted a story about a rabbit and a canoe, so here it is.

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Have you ever owned a rabbit? Even if you haven’t, you will know that they have soft fur and a nose that bobs up and down. You may not know that they are also very curious. They like to explore and they like dark places most of all. Abbie the Rabbit was curious. Once, it got her into a lot of trouble, but it is also what made her famous. Perhaps you’ve heard of her?

Like most rabbits, Abbie lived in a garden. She had a nice hutch for when the weather was cold and, when the sun was shining, she could hop about on the grass. She never went outside the garden because there was a fence all round it and, anyway, Abbie didn’t much like to travel. Her owners were Simon and Sarah who made sure Abbie had food and water every morning and carrots in the evening. Every week…

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Katie Barrett said "This is a cute children's story. The style is probably age-appropriate, although it does seem a tad condescending towards its intended audience. However, the overall idea is good and fun. I enjoyed it."
8 months ago
Julianne Munich said "Very cute! I am sure she liked hearing it."
9 months ago
Suzanne Mays Guest Editor said "Cate, I enjoyed this story very much, especially because my granddaughter is Abbey and my sons rent canoes and are sometimes in races. I could picture it all and the quiet gentle voice was easy and natural to read. Thank you, Suzanne"
2 years ago

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