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Written by
Maysam Kandej

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Once upon a time, there lived a king in the central lands of Iran who used to gather many people around him to tell them funny jokes. His jokes were really funny and people were glad to have a nice king who had a sense of humour.

One day, the king asked all men and women of central Iran to go to his palace, and listen to him.

Everyone went there. The palace became full of men and women who were ready to hear the latest jokes and stories which their king had learned from storytellers who nobody knew where they lived.

The palace was ablaze with one thousand candles, and the people were impatient in the hall.

“Today, I’m here to inform you that I’ve got a new and strange disease, and will die in less than two weeks.” The king said.

Everybody in the palace began to laugh madly. They even asked their king…

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Julian Fields said "Nice pithy short story. Good work. Thanks."
3 years ago
Jerry LeMaire said "This story was extremely short, but it was very sweet, and very interesting. Keep up the great work"
4 years ago
Adam West Guest Editor said "Long time Maysam - glad to see you back with your customary take on Iranian folk lore - loved this very simply told tale - part fable, part philosophy, I guess - nice writing - many thanks, Adam"
5 years ago
Maysam Kandej replied saying "Thank you so much, dear Adam. You've always been kind to me."
5 years ago

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