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About this Short Story

Written by
Dora Bona

Setting the record straight, this is proof positive that there are always at least two sides to every story.

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I want to set things straight before I get out of here. Before the trial. I want to tell MY side of the story. The pain in my ankles and right up my calves is so bad it’s got me baying at the moon. Every time they change the dressings they say I was lucky it wasn’t third degree burns. And I’m hungry. Hospital food is lousy.

I didn’t do it. The damage I mean. Look, what do you expect when you build a house out of inferior materials? STRAW for Pete’s sakes! Minimal erection problems, sure, but it’s not going to last! After all, this is cyclone season. Don’t they know anything?

All I wanted to do was warn him of the danger.

“Little Pig,” I said after tap, tap, tapping at his shonky little door.

“Little pig! Are you there? I’ve just heard there’s a huge cyclone on the way, and by the time it gets done with you, there won’t be…

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John Murdoch said "This puts me very much in mind of Roald Dahl's spin on well known fairy stories, but they were done in verse. Great to have the wolf telling his side of the story and turning the tables on the not-so-innocent piggies"
4 years ago
Dora Bona Guest Editor said "Thankyou everyone for your kind comments, it was fun to write."
7 years ago
Bill Shanks said "A very amusing story, and well written to boot."
7 years ago
Holly Moon said "Enjoyable from start to end. Well done!"
7 years ago
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Marilyn Baker said "Brilliant, really funny and witty. Well done."
7 years ago
Diane Dickson Guest Editor said "Really great, I love your humour and the style of writing fits the plot entirely. Thanks for a laugh on a wet and dismal morning - Diane"
7 years ago
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