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About this Short Story

Written by
Desmond Kelly

Here's a story for all the rail commuters out there.

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I watched my own reflection in the glass, looking old but quietly confident, like a toad staring at a fly.

Time stood still. The train panted benignly, stalled at a red light.

Whatever was the holdup?

A torso on the line. Partially nude. Fragmented. Flesh like a peeled orange.

Somebody said it was a man, others described seeing parts of a woman.

They lifted the bits piecemeal, before the train moved on.

We entered the next station in absolute silence. A child met my gaze. A child with chocolate coated lips.

I examined the train as it steamed and clanked patiently, watching as the driver swung down to refill his Billy can.

‘Life goes on.’

An extraordinary sentiment.

‘We’re forty minutes late.’ Somebody complained.

The platform soon emptied. A police constable stood on a bridge overlooking the lines. He was staring at something.

‘Hey, you boys. What have you got there?’

The boys swung their arms. They were carrying a box. I went to…

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Peter Gallagher said "Very powerful, haunting story."
2 years ago
Desmond Kelly replied saying "Thanks Peter. It was good of you to leave a response. Des"
2 years ago
June Griffin said "I love your writing. Yes, life goes on, each day having its horrors as well as its pleasant moments. A very well written, even poetic, story of a day in the life of an average guy, a commuter who minds his own business, accepts whatever he sees, and remains as calm as a toad. Sweet!"
2 years ago
Desmond Kelly replied saying "Thanks June. It's one of the amazing puzzles of life how easily we adopt routines and stay in line. It get's us through. I did it for years, blinkered & oblivious. Des"
2 years ago

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