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Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions upon which a Story is submitted to Shortbread Stories.

In these terms and conditions letter (unless the context otherwise requires) “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Shortbread Stories. The terms and conditions on which we will publish the Story are as follows:

1. You will grant to us a worldwide licence to produce and make available to the public text versions and/or sound recordings of the Story. We may exercise our rights by making text or audio versions of the Story available online (through any website whether operated by us or operated by a third party), by producing copies of text or audio versions of the Story in compact disc, book or any other format, by broadcasting a version or adaptation of the Story or by permitting any third party to exercise any of our rights with our permission.

2. You agree that we may at any time edit and make such changes to the Story as we consider necessary in connection with the exercise of our rights. We will consult you, as the author of the Story, on any major changes but we may also, without prior consultation, make minor changes which we consider necessary to make the wording of the Story suitable for text or audio presentation.

3. We agree that we will ensure that, should your Story be published on our website, you will be credited as the author of the Story.

4. For a period of two years from the date of this letter (the “Exclusivity Period”), the licence set out in Clause 1 is granted by you to us on an exclusive basis and, during the Exclusivity Period, you will not yourself do, nor shall you permit or suffer anyone else to do, any of the activities in respect of the Story which we are permitted to do. After expiry of the Exclusivity Period, we may continue to use, make available to the public and/or have broadcast any sound recordings or text versions of the Story made by us during the Exclusivity Period. If we confirm to you that we do not intend to publish the Story then this Clause 4 shall not apply.

5. You warrant to us that you are the sole author of the Story and that, in producing the Story, you have not copied the Story or the ideas of any other person.

6. You further warrant that you are able to enter into this agreement and that the use of the Story by us or any party authorised by us to use the Story will not infringe the rights of any party in any part of the world.

7. You will indemnify us on demand from and against all and any claims, costs, expenses (including legal expenses on a full indemnity basis) paid by or awarded against us directly or indirectly arising out of or in anyway related to any breach by you of the warranties contained in or implied into this agreement or any other term of this agreement. This clause and the warranties set out in Clause 5 and 6 will survive termination for any reason of this agreement.

8. You have written the Story as an independent, self-employed author and nothing in this agreement shall create the relationship of employer and employee or a partnership between you and us.

9. Nothing in this agreement shall constitute an obligation on us to publish the Story in any particular way or at any particular time. In particular, but without limitation, we cannot guarantee that your Story shall be available for download from our website at all times and we reserve the right to select which Stories that are made available for download from time to time.

10. Whether we publish the Story or otherwise, we will retain a copy of your submission and of your personal details which we will use to assist us in tackling plagiarism.

11. By submitting a Story you confirm to us that you are at least 18 years old or alternatively, that you have completed our parental/guardian consent form.

12. We may sub-licence and/or assign the whole or any part of the rights granted by you to us.

13. This letter sets out the entire agreement relating to the subject matter and all other terms, representations and warranties are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

14. This agreement shall be governed by the law of Scotland and the parties agree to submit all disputes and questions to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts, without prejudice to our rights to seek recovery of any sums due by you to us before any court of competent jurisdiction.

By accepting these terms and conditions and submitting your Story, you confirm to us that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.