The Good, Bad and Ugly of Valentines

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Competition Details

Valentines Competition

  • Prize: Friday Story and ShortbreadStories' love and admiration

  • 1500 Words
  • Short Story Competition
  • 8 Entries
  • Opened: 4 years ago
  • Deadline: Closed

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Valentines

Published 4 years ago

NOTE: There was a glitch in the system for additions to the competition. If anyone was unable to submit to the competition because of this glitch, send a copy of the story (with synopsis) to by the 18th February, and I’ll add it manually. Also note, the deadline for voting has been extended.


It's the holiday supposedly created by the 'greeting card companies' to talk us into turning our expressions of love into consumerism. Or, perhaps, it's just a day for the world to celebrate the beauty of love.

Whatever your take is on the holiday, it's the perfect theme for this week's Writing Competition.

The rules:

Write a short story of 1500 words or less (sorry no poetry for this one)

Get your piece entered by 14 February midnight GMT

Public vote starts 17 February and runs until 28 February

Winner will be announced on the site and through the Friday Story.

DO NOT enter stories that don't have a Valentine's Day related theme. If you do, they will not be entered.

Short Story Entries

Competition Entry Length
Read   War Time Valentine by Deniss Degro 2029
Read   The Other Valentine by Mairi Wilson 796
Read   An Unexpected Valentine by Ruth Findlay 1004
Read   Be My Valentine by Willie Douglas 1090
Read   Hopelessness by Margo Killey 494
Read   Clara. My Wife. by Diane Dickson 1439
Read   Tired by Hasan Adro'i 512
Read   Valentine's Day by Leandra Lang 476