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Competition Details

  • Prize: Friday Story

  • 100 Words
  • Competition Competition
  • 6 Entries
  • Opened: 4 years ago
  • Deadline: Closed

ShortbreadStories Personified

Published 4 years ago

What would ShortbreadStories look like, act like, smell like if he/she were a person?

Using the writing prompt 'ShortbreadStories Personified’, create a 100-500 word character sketch and upload it to the competition by 25 April.

However, this time, the winner will not be chosen by public vote, but – instead – our new(ish) Trustees will pick their favourites to feature in a Friday Story.

But wait. There’s more. If you are both a writer and an illustrator (or just like to have fun with a pen and pencil set) send drawings of your imagined 'ShortbreadStories Personified' to, and the Elf will post them on our Pinterest board. Oh, and the images are separate from the competition, so feel free to send an image but not upload a story, or upload a story to the competition but not send an image. Or send us an image and upload a story.

If you do send us a drawing, please save it as a jpg and mark the image with your name and the © symbol.

Short Story Entries

Competition Entry Length
Read   ShortbreadStories Personified by Maria BurĂ©n 495
Read   Shortbread, My Shortbread by Kate Smart 355
Read   Easter Egg Disaster by Lindsay Kinloch 138
Read   Ms S. by Diane Dickson 217
Read   I Am Shortbread Stories by Belinda Marden 228
Read   Grandma by Suzanne Mays 136