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The Big News

6 years ago

We've been harping on about it for months, 'Changes are coming; changes are coming.' But we’ve been tight lipped with what these changes would actually be. Well, the waiting is over, and we can finally make our big announcement.

As of last week, ShortbreadStories became an official charity organisation*.

Perhaps, you'll need a brief overview of the ShortbreadStories history to understand why this is such a big deal. As you may know, Robin Pilcher founded the site several years back. But, you may not know that he founded it as a Limited Partnership, and through the generosity of him and another partner ShortbreadStories thrived and grew.

Yet, despite being a business, Robin was insistent that the organisation did not support advertisements or any sort of endorsements. He wanted to keep ShortbreadStories for writers and readers, not for the solicitation of product. This act is what helped ShortbreadStories to become what it is today -- a space for authors and readers to come together to share short stories.

A little less than a year ago, Fiona, Robin and myself sat down to discuss the future of ShortbreadStories, and we discovered that the beauty of the organisation did not lie in its business potential, but in the charitable nature of those who use the site. The beauty was in the comments, the interactions and the talent of the Shortbreaders. Whether we planned it or not, ShortbreadStories -- with its lack of revenue streams and its focus on writing education -- was in essence a charity. All we needed to do was make it official.

So, what does the charitable status mean for ShortbreadStories users?


  • There will be more of an emphasis on mentoring new authors, either through official mentorships or continued interaction with fellow Shortbreaders.
  • ShortbreadStories will be offering more free and low-cost courses, online and in person.
  • More publishing options for our Shortbreaders.
  • Further emphasis on 'paying it forward'. We want those who have benefited from ShortbreadStories to get more involved in guiding new members.
  • More interaction between ShortbreadStories readers and Shortbreader story writers.


You will also find the website changing over the next few months, as well as the way we do things. All for the better of course.

What will not change:


  • We will continue to update the site with helpful blogs, competitions and inspirational tips.
  • The ability to upload and comment on writng for free, as well as read stories for free.
  • The encouraged interaction between all ShortbreadStories members.

So, here's to the next chapter in ShortbreadStories history!

Rachel Marsh
Chief Executive Trustee 

Shortbread Stories is an online community of writers. Besides providing a worldwide showcase for their work, Shortbread Stories aims to build self-confidence in writing ability through the mentoring, advice and encouragement forthcoming from both its writing and reading community. Shortbread Stories is free and open to anyone who wishes to join, and all stories are free to read and download.

ShortbreadStories SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) registered number SC043321.