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4 years ago

Our lovely Kate Smart had a smart idea that should help generate much needed revenue for ShortbreadStories. She suggested that our self-published authors donate a portion of the proceeds from their books to ShortbreadStories.

The first Shortbreader to take to the task is Diane Dickson, who has agreed to donate any royalties she receives from her book Rags’ Riches for a limited period of time.

After Diane announced her donation plan, Robert Kasch stated, 'In the spirit of Diane's generous offer … I will begin donating at least five a month, and donate my painting sales at the shows I will be attending this spring.'

If you would like to donate a portion of royalties, proceeds, or revenue from any of your writing or artistic projects let us know by emailing me at I will then list your project below with the conditions of your donation. Or, you can just donate by going to



Diane Dickson donating royalties from her book, Rags’ Riches, from 12-28 February. (Click here to buy her book.)

Kate Smart has offered to donate from the profits of her e-book sales for a limited time. Find out about her books here and buy them here.