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ShortbreadSpecials: Week of 23rd March

4 years ago

*Don't forget to vote for your favourite piece in the International Women's Day: Inspiring Change competition.

*We had more stories submitted for publication this week than usual, so instead of publishing everything on Sunday, I've decided to split this week's pieces into two batches. This way everyone will have a chance to feature on the 'Latest Short Stories' list (scroll down on the front page and you'll see it to the right). So, if you've submitted recently but don't see your work on the site, please do not despair. I will be publishing the rest of the editing queue on Wednesday.

*There's some really good chat happening over in our current 'Critical Collective' forum. Just now everyone's commenting on Chris Donaldson's Albion’s Shore.

*ShortbreadStories is now on Pinterest, where the Social Media Elf is pinning each week's Writing Prompt Wednesday photos.

*If you're a blogger, drop by our blog page at

*And, of course, check out this week's ShortbreadSpotlight and then send over your Spotlight recommendations to Nik at

As always, if you've got anything you want to highlight on ShortbreadStories you can get in touch with me at